Sprouting Good is run by a passionate team dedicated to changing the way society treats our Environment & Homeless Youth. We take our food supply for granted simply by just heading in to a supermarket & selecting the things we wish to eat or take our fancy. Take a moment to think about how & what we are actually being delivered & who is controlling our food supplies.

The selection of Fresh Fruit & Vegetable available in your local supermarket is decided based on financial viability of the company. The selection has to be hardy & durable so it survives transport rather then what actually has the best taste. When picked the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable could be stored in Cold Storage before being transported either Domestically or Internationally for hundreds of kilometers before actually reaching the shelf and your plate. Therefore the Fresh fruit that you are putting in to your body could have been picked months prior to you purchasing it. Now argument is that this has been happening for many years & this is true to some extent.

Upgrades in technology means that they have been able to extend the lifespan of the Fruit & Vegetables using chemicals that are considered harmless for humans to consume however are really still too young to know the full effects that they may have on our heart, soul & minds. Although we are told these are safe chemicals and do not effect the produce in any way we need to take some responsibilities of what we put in to our bodies & make a conscious decision to look after ourselves the best we can.

Sprouting Good Rooftop farms are organic & due to our local positions we are able to deliver fresh fruit & vegetables to suppliers with minimal time from Harvest. This allows us to use many different varieties of Fruit & Vegetables that capture the true essence of flavour that you expect from Fresh Fruit & Vegetables. People question about particles in the air effecting the crops but as the pollution that can effect our produce weighs more then air they are found at ground level not in the air around our farms giving us the opportunity to provide food excellence.

How Does Sprouting Good Support Homeless Youth?

We find that many homeless youth have ended up on the street sometimes because of things that have happened outside of their immediate control. They don’t want a handout but can’t survive without needing one. We don’t offer handouts rather we offer the opportunity to learn how to recapture the essence of life by working & living on the rooftop farm. Our team works with the youth to develop their skills & provide a way to sort out their lives taking them off the streets & providing opportunity & hope to build life from within. Understanding why & how they ended up on the streets is really an eye opener for many as there are more reasons then just drugs that people end up falling on hard times. Working on the farm provides the building of a hard work ethic & the Fruit & Vegetable depend on these youth because without the love that you have to put in to the produce you wont get the most out of the produce. Fruit & Vegetable growth is just like owning a pet & teaches these young people many things about life & what is needed to give & grow life.

Know of A Rooftop That Could Do With A Sprouting Good Makeover? Please Share With Us

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