Sprouting Good Urban Farming

Sprouting Good founder Scott Gregory’s vision to bring commercial rooftop greenhouse farming to the Australian community is becoming a reality. The guiding reason for Sprouting Good is that our current food chain based on population growth & environmental climate change is not sustainable for the future. Other continents have already found that fresh produce has all but dried up & are turning to rooftops as an alternative to traditional farming techniques. Recent advancements in technology allows urban farmers to grow larger yields on smaller scale rooftops whilst eliminating the needs for pesticides.

The Sprouting Good team is dedicated to making the world a better place to live therefore Sprouting Good is a registered Australian Charity which helps the homeless youth community in Australia through a work and life skills program. We understand that sometimes young people fall on hard times & end up on the streets with little hope, support or dreams. Our farms support these homeless youth by providing an opportunity to learn & work on the farms whilst generating an income for their hard work. Farms are a great place to teach youth how to get in touch with themselves & the earth whilst putting in some dedication to the produce. Sprouting Good’s believes this is a way to harness the social good that it can bring to the local community with a long term vision of assisting developing countries by implementing the buildings & sustainable rooftop farms within those villages.