Education Centre

Sprouting Good is educating students on sustainable rooftop farming and healthy eating by using a portable rooftop farm education centre which is consists of a 20ft shipping container, a greenhouse. The container houses the aquaculture, the greenhouse contains the hydroponics. The resource saving aquaponic system offers simultaneous fish farming and vegetable growing. With the designw e can grow over 400 different varieties of plants such as tomatoes, salads, cucumbers, basil, mint, eggplant, zucchini. At the end of the season we will also have fresh delicious fish. The centres are extremely economical in water consumption and work without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Water, love, organic fertilizers and organic feed, that’s it.
Students will be educated by our team on how the farm works and will have the opportunity to learn how to do it at home. We believe that if our children can get excited about growing their own food we will end up with a healthier lifestyle than we are currently seeing in Australia. The centre is a closed loop system which makes for easy food production with minimum time requirements spent tending to the system. Once setup the automation system and fish take care of the majority of the work. Our system makes farming fun and easy for students to learn and develop a love for producing fresh organic produce at home.

If you would like to help with our Portable Rooftop Farm Education Centre or know of a school that would love to have us appear at there school feel free to get in contact here


20141128_202458 Portable Education Centre at Seven Hills Highschool

20150605_101528 Our Bluelab Hydroponic Dosetroni proudly donated to us

Portable Rooftop Fram Education Centre

Portable Rooftop Farm Education Centre

ECF Berlin Container Farm

ECF Berlin Container Farm

sproutinggood wall8

sproutinggood wall9

sproutinggood wall10

sproutinggood wall11

sproutinggood wall12

sproutinggood wall13

sproutinggood wall14

sproutinggood wall15

sproutinggood wall16

sproutinggood wall17

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