Commercial Roof

Sprouting Good is developing Sydney’s first commercial rooftop greenhouse. The greenhouse will sit perched on a rooftop in the CBD and will supply approximately 2000 households with fresh delicious produce each week. The design is modeled on Lufa Farms in Montreal who currently have 2 commercial sized rooftop spaces supplying the community.
Why place a farm on top of a building? Rooftop space is in the main dead space on top of buildings within the CBD. We bring the farm closer to consumer which reduces transport and fossil fuels associated with it. Using the latest in technology the design can allow for produce to be grown according to consumer demand whilst sustainable farming techniques have been tied in to construction, such as rain water recycling, no pesticides and solar power.
With Sydney’s population expected to continue to grow our farmers are being pushed further out whilst prime farming land is given to build houses so we need to explore other ways to ensure our fresh food supply chain is secure. Currently we are heading down the path of America who have found they are unable to supply their communities with fresh produce and have started to look at alternatives such as rooftop farms.

If you would like to get involved with Sprouting Goods Commercial Greenhouse project or know of a rooftop space that could do with a farm please feel free to contact the team here

Lufa Farms Rooftop Greenhouse

Lufa Farms Rooftop Greenhouse

Wholefoods Greenhouse in New York

Wholefoods Greenhouse in New York

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